Covered in thick tropical forest, the island of Huahine is surrounded by very deep, clear waters, which makes it an ideal destination for scuba divers. Fitii pass is often compared to certain dive spots in the Tuamotu Islands with its schools of sharks, jackfish, barracudas and other tropical fish.

Dive sites in Huahine

Diving enthusiasts will find more and more variety the further they descend in the waters of Huahine.

Avapehi pass

Avapehi is a site full of unique surprises and the more you go down, the more there is to see. You’ll find jackfish at 7 meters, barracudas at 15 meters and at 25 meters, you’ll see redfish and manta rays dancing in current. There are also about a hundred resident gray sharks at Avapehi.

Fa’a Miti

A site that’s accessible for divers of all levels. It is a slight underwater slope, generally sheltered from the swell and current, where you can explore the coral. You’ll be accompanied by inoffensive blacktip sharks with their entourage of tiny suckerfish.

Session snorkelling en compagnie de poissons ©_David Kirkland

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There are a multitude of nautical activities in Huahine other than scuba diving, such as va’a, the traditional Polynesian outrigger canoe, kayaking and kitesurfing. We also recommend a visit to the interesting little museum in the fare Pote’e hut next to the marae of Maeva, where you’ll learn more about Huahine’s sacred traditions.

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