Maupiti is the Polynesian island in the middle of a turquoise lagoon that you’ve always dreamed of. The local population is as warm and friendly as their reputation suggests and the lagoon is home to marine animals that are emblematic of The Islands of Tahiti. With luck, they’ll swim over to take a look at you up close.

Dive sites in Maupiti

The coral gardens are an underwater nursery for many of the fish you’ll see during your dives. But the most wonderful sight of all is the majestic manta ray.

Une raie manta © Grégory Lecoeur

The Manta Rays of Maupiti

The dive site 10 meters down is where the manta rays come to get clean. They settle in complete tranquility as remora suckerfish clean their skin. There are few sensations as wonderful as being in close contact with a giant manta ray.

The Fa’a’apu

Fa’a’apu means orchard in Tahitian. Just 20 minutes from the island, this truly spectacular site is an immense coral garden where multitudes of reef fish are born.

Un massif corralien avec une raie manta en fond © Grégory Lecoeur

The Coral Garden

An ideal site for beginners or those who prefer snorkeling. As its name suggests, this underwater trail is covered with coral, and it’s also teeming with tropical fish.

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Whether you’re hiking a mountain trail or exploring shallow waters of the lagoon, the natural beauty of Maupiti is all around you.

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