Rangiroa is the biggest atoll in The Islands of Tahiti and one of the best diving destinations in the world. The professional divers in the dive centers propose diving lessons, guided tours and open sea excursions to satisfy divers of all levels. The passes at Tiputra and Avatoru are literally teeming with marine life and offer some truly breathtaking sites and sights.

Dive sites

Rangiroa is reputed for its spectacular dive sites, with an incredible diversity of marine life. Here are some of the very best sites to try during your vacation in Rangiroa:

Tiputa pass ©Ranihei Teariki

Tiputa pass

Situated on the west coast of the atoll, Tiputa pass is the number one dive site in Rangiroa. The incoming current creates an environment that’s ideal for barracudas, jackfish and ‘parai‘ surgeonfish. At certain times of year, the pass also attracts schools of hammerhead sharks and you’ll be swimming with curious dolphins all year round.

Avatoru pass

On the east coast of the atoll, Avatoru pass is for thrill-seekers. The strong current in the narrow pass attracts multitudes of fish, manta rays and sharks. Schools of colorful tropical fish play hide and seek in the coral as ‘raira’ (gray sharks), ‘tapete’ (whitetip sharks) and ‘fa’i’ (stingrays) seek to satisfy their hunger.

Dolphin watching at Rangiroa © Hélène Havard
Motu at Rangiroa © Michael Runkel

The blue lagoon

The blue lagoon, situated inside Rangiroa’s lagoon, is an ideal site for those looking for a tranquil dive. The clear, calm waters of the lagoon offer exceptional visibility and divers can admire the colorful coral gardens and different marine species. You’ll see myriads of tropical fish of all sizes and colors, sea turtles and even a few whitetip sharks swimming in the depths.

Be inspired


A dive on the incoming current is something not to be missed in Rangiroa. This is a good dive to do in the morning, leaving you easily able to do a second dive in the afternoon to observe the dolphins. The local dive centers will collect you from your accommodations and take you back afterwards. There are snackbars close to the dive centers where you can get something to eat between dives.

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