An abundance of food means that the sea around Taha’a is a nursery for fish of all sizes. Thanks to the incredible transparency of the water, you can admire the marine life at depths of up to 40 meters. A veritable sea of wonders awaits you in Taha’a.

Dive sites

Taha’a is an island with its very own charm, perfumed by the sweet aroma of vanilla. A guide will take you to see some of the island’s other treasures, those which lie beneath the waves.

Taha'a's motu Céran © Emmanuel Bouvet

Céran Pass

On the east of the island, the pass next to motu Céran is a superb site. Dive with an experienced guide in this maritime corridor to depths of 40 meters and enjoy the sights!

Paipai Pass

On the west of the island this pass is directly opposite the incoming ocean swell, which crashes into the reef with all its force. With depths of up to 30 meters, the pass provides a magnificent natural spectacle with reef sharks, parrotfish and napoleons.

Papai pass © Karl Shakur
Motu Tau Tau in Taha'a © Grégoire Le Bacon

Ruutai, Tau Tau, Taputapu

In such clear water you can easily observe the diverse marine life, including large schools of jackfish and barracudas, as well as blacktip and whitetip sharks.

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The sea around Taha’a is an underwater metropolis and one of the many marvels to be discovered in the Society Islands. A local guide will be delighted to show you around the best neighborhoods!

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Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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