Tahiti is an island paradise that offers views and experiences beyond your dreams. Luxuriant hills and valleys, beaches of soft white or black sand, a unique flora and fauna; Tahiti’s natural heritage is truly exceptional. Visitors to The Islands of Tahiti discover some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

In the heart of Tahiti

The most beautiful scenery in Tahiti

Randonnée à Tahiti Et Ses Îles ©Myles McGuinnes

Waterfalls, valleys and lagoons

Among the many marvelous sites in Tahiti, is the wonderfully impressive 3 waterfalls of Faarumi, in the district of Tiarei. The valley of Papenoo is a preserved natural reserve, with magnificent countryside of lush green mountains, fast-flowing rivers and an abundance of tropical flowers and plants. The scenic viewpoint in Pirae offers a spectacular, panoramic view over the island. Venus Point in Mahina is a superb, black sand beach with an emblematic and historic lighthouse. The water gardens of Vaipahi are a haven of tranquility with a fascinating diversity of plant life in a beautiful setting with waterfalls and meandering, shaded paths.

Top 10 of Tahiti’s most beautiful landscapes

The biodiversity of Tahiti

There is an incredible variety of flora and fauna in Tahiti. This natural reserve shelters countless rare species, including birds such as the Tahitian monarch. The unique flora includes almost 400 endemic species, many of which are in danger of extinction. The corals and the reef are home to myriads of tropical fish, sea turtles, manta rays, dolphins and sharks. And each year, humpback whales come to the waters of The Islands of Tahiti to reproduce and nurture their young.

The flora and fauna of tahiti

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Travel ideas for Tahiti

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Your dream vacation begins the moment you set foot on the tarmac at Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport. There is a world of possibilities open to you, from luxurious hotel resorts, to authentic, family run Tahitian Guesthouses. From hiking in the mountains and all kinds of adventure activities, to basking on a sublime beach and paddling around the lagoon in a kayak. Whatever you decide, you’ll enjoy being in Tahiti.

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Hiking trails in Tahiti

There are hiking trails all over the island of Tahiti, from simple country walks, to challenging hikes in the mountainous interior. You’ll easily find a trail to suit your level of experience. Many trails, even easy ones, lead through luxuriant vegetation to waterfalls and end take you to some incredible scenic viewpoints.

Hiking in Tahiti and Bora Bora

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Follow our suggested nature excursions. Go hiking in the valley of the Fautaua, visit Mount Aorai and the Pointe des Pêcheurs (Fishermen’s Point), tour round the peninsula, explore the valley of Papenoo…There’s plenty to see on the island of Tahiti.

More experiences
More experiences

Not to be missed

Unspoiled and preserved nature

The unspoiled natural environment of Tahiti’s interior is the ideal setting for those in search of discovery and exploration. Luxuriant forests, lush green hills and valleys, an abundance of flora and fauna, and exceptional, panoramic views over the idyllic beaches on the island’s coast.

Untamed, preserved nature

You’ll also enjoy

Tahiti’s beaches

The west coast of the island is sheltered by a coral reef, and the beaches of the lagoon are of soft white sand. The east coast is much wilder, with black sand beaches. Both coasts have many superb spots for swimming, snorkeling, surfing and a whole range of other watersports.

The beaches of Tahiti

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