All international flights arrive at Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport, located in Faa’a, close to the capital, Papeete, in Tahiti. Most of the larger hotels have shuttle services to and from the airport. Domestic flights to the islands leave from the same airport. You’ll find below all the contacts for air transport in The Islands of Tahiti. We recommend that you organize your flights and other transport to and from the islands in advance with your travel agent.

Tahiti Faa'a airport from the air © Grégoire Le Bacon

International airlines

International airlines operate direct flights to The Islands of Tahiti from Paris, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Honolulu, Noumea, Tokyo, Auckland and Rarotonga.

Inter-island air transport

Due to the vast geographical size of The Islands of Tahiti (an area as large as Europe), flying is the most practical way of getting from one island to another. Domestic airlines operate regular flights to all the archipelagos and daily flights to the principal islands.

Bora Bora airport © Lei Tao

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