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AOA Polynesian Forests

Join us in protecting biodiversity and ecosystems. Take action for the Polynesian forest by visiting our estate in the heart of the Mo'aroa valley, in the district of Mataiea.
AOA Polynesian Forests is the first long-term initiative in French Polynesia to restore and conserve the biodiversity of Polynesian forests. Among the project's many missions, a trip to the AOA Polynesian Forests estate is part of an awareness-raising initiative that offers new perspectives for sustainable tourism in French Polynesia.

AOA Polynesian Forests aims to make the Mo’aroa Valley a hub of sustainable ecotourism, as well as a model of development that respects the environment and benefits the local population.

Our goal: to offer an immersive, educational experience that will directly contribute to local economic development by promoting Tahiti’s natural heritage, as well as the cultural riches of the Mo’aroa Valley.

Discover our experiences:
– Visit the trails (2 hours): explore the trails of French Polynesia’s first educational forest at your own pace. Open on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, the educational forest is an innovative, evolving experience, spread over 25 hectares and featuring 6 themed trails. On each trail, stories are told about forests, biodiversity, invasive species, mushrooms, birds, ferns… You’ll also come across medicinal, spice and dye plants, as part of an agroforestry restoration program.

– Discovery hike (4 hours): follow our passionate naturalist guide on a guided hike through the valley, which takes you to our restoration and rehabilitation zone for endemic and native species, to discover Polynesian flora, from the bamboo forest to the sanctuary’s emblematic banyan tree. At the end of your exploration, enjoy a well-deserved refreshing swim in the fresh waters of the river.

Visitors are strongly advised to bring hiking boots, a water bottle, mosquito repellent, sun cream, a change of clothes and a towel for exploring the AOA estate.
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Vallée de Mo'aroa – Pk 41, côté montagne
98726 Teva i Uta
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