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Mori Ora Sailing

With Mori Ora, you can discover the life on board and live a sailing experience:
Package 2 nights & sailing experience :

Sleep on board in the heart of the wild and calm Opunohu’s bay of Moorea and experience a sailing excursion in the Pacific Ocean for 3-4 hours to discover how to sail (see descriptions below).

2 nights minimum. From 26 000 xpf /pers.

Sailing experience:

Enjoy a beautiful journey and the breathtaking view on Moorea from the ocean side, and experience the wild and surprising Pacific Ocean with its deep, untalmed royal blue. Become a sailor or a captain while steering, tacking and setting the sails on Mori Ora. The ocean can be full of surprises and if nature wants to play, incredible marin lives can be met such as dolphins, chasing marin birds, whales or flying fishes.

Sailing experience can be in the morning or for the sunset.

Maximum 6 persons. From 12 500 xpf /pers.
We speak : English, French


Moorea yacht club Opunohu, Moorea
98729 Moorea Maiao
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