When you visit The Islands of Tahiti, we invite you to immerse yourself in our unique culture and landscape and feel your senses come alive, a feeling that will stay with you...

You will feel truly welcomed by our people, amazed at our lush landscape, mesmerized by our pristine blue waters and then delighted as each new moment brings a new feeling to treasure. When you visit The Islands of Tahiti we invite you to immerse yourself in our unique culture and landscape and feel your senses come alive, a feeling that will stay with you long after you return.

A new feeling to treasure

from one moment to the next

You don’t need to try and cram in as many experiences as possible when every moment of the day can offer a feeling to treasure. All you need to do is relax and appreciate our uniquely preserved environment and way of life.


A uniquely authentic connection

Our invitation to treasure every moment is an invitation to embrace everything about the local area. You could adventure in the mountains on an e-bike, kayak a pristine lagoon or enjoy authentic local experiences like sharing a meal in a local Tahitian Guesthouse, visiting a pearl or vanilla farm or learning traditional basket weaving. It’s an invitation to experience a more conscious and inclusive connection between tourism and the preservation of our culture and our land and sea.

Vivez une connexion unique et authentique © Tahiti Tourisme

To Feel Treasured is to be

Embraced by Mana

Mana is the heart of the Polynesian universe. It’s the life force and spirit that flows through everything, it arises from the life, love, sharing, beauty, goodness and things that merge harmoniously in our universe. It is the reason you will feel treasured in The Islands of Tahiti.

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Be inspired


Experience Mana, the mythical Polynesian force that animates every element. Let yourself be transported by adventures, enriching encounters and unforgettable discoveries through a whole range of experiences, each richer than the last.

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More experiences

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