Tranquil and beautiful are the two words which best sum up Raivavae. There is also a laughing tiki, numerous marae and one of the most glorious lagoons in The Islands of Tahiti, with 28 motu to discover.

What makes it so special

Why visit Raivavae?

Seaside at Raivavae©_Grégoire Le Bacon

The swimming pool motu, a postcard landscape

The swimming pool motu or Vaiamanu motu offers a beautiful turquoise lagoon ideal for relaxing and letting your cares just drift away. Take the time to enjoy the simple pleasure of basking in the warm sun and cool sea breeze.

Your Tahitian Guesthouse will undoubtedly serve you a dinner of local produce, cooked on a wood fire: taro (a root vegetable), ipo (a bread made with coconut milk), grilled fish…typical local dishes served in an idyllic setting.

Picnic on ‘Swimming pool Motu’ in Raivavae
View of Mount Hiro ©_Frédéric Cristol

A 360° view from mount Hiro

There are four villages on the island, which is seperated in two by the ‘traversière’ road that leads to Mount Hiro.

It takes about an hour to walk up the 438m to the summit on quite a a steep trail, but the 360° view over one of the most beautiful lagoons in French Polynesia is well worth the effort.

Motu piscine à Raivavae © Grégoire Le Bacon & LionAiles

Suggested itinerary

Three days in Raivavae

In the opinion of many, the lagoon in Raivavae is at least the equivalent of the one in Bora Bora. Three days in this island paradise will enable you to make your own decision.


Not to be missed

A preserved island and floral garden

If you visit Raivavae in December, you’ll be able to taste the delicious lychees for which the Austral Islands are famous. The island is also a veritable floral garden with an astonishing variety of colorful hibiscus shrubs.

Another unique feature of Raivavae are the bunches of bananas you see suspended above the water. Once they’ve been cleaned of parasites, it keeps them out of reach of hungry rodents and birds.

Lychees on the tree © Léa Parizot
Hibiscus flower © Grégoire Le Bacon

You’ll also enjoy

Activities in Raivavae

Get in tune with the local rhythm of life: fishing, growing lychees, canoe building and avoiding anything too stressful. Don’t miss a visit to the laughing tiki and some of the island’s marae.

Crafts Raivavae_©_Grégoire Le Bacon
Caught fish©_Grégoire Le Bacon

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Take a look at our vacation offers for French Polynesia. Get to know the local population, explore the natural environment and enjoy the crystal clear lagoons of our islands.

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More experiences

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Two important tips for passing a memorable vacation in Raivavae; take your time, and keep an eye on the weather! It rains often, but be patient, blue skies are never far away.

All vacation packages
All vacation packages
Pension de famille à Raivavae © Grégoire Le Bacon

Staying in Raivavae

Raivavae does not seek to be a mass tourism destination. Instead, it offers authenticity and tranquility. There are no hotels on the island, but there are several Tahitian Guesthouses by the sea, in the heart of the village, or in the countryside. Half-board (breakfast and dinner) is included in the price. Lunch is usually provided as part of your day’s excursion or boat trip. 

Getting there and getting around in Raivavae

Raivavae airport was inaugurated in 2002. It is situated about a 10 minute drive from the main village. There’s no shuttle service to the village from the airport, so you should arrange to be collected by your hosts when you make your reservation. They’ll be delighted to come and get you, and you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome, with a smiling ‘Ia oga na’, (the Raivavae equivalent of ‘Ia ora na’).

Cycling in Raivavae © Grégoire Le Bacon
Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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