See our offers for a family vacation in French Polynesia. Enjoy an exceptional vacation in The Islands of Tahiti where you’ll discover the natural resources and cultural heritage of this unique destination. Marvel at the shades of blue and turquoise reflected in the lagoons and enjoy your family vacation to the fullest.

Exploring the magnificent countryside, relaxing on soft, white sandy beaches, discovering a unique ancestral culture. Our offers are designed to satisfy all your requirements. Reserve your vacation in The Islands of Tahiti today and all the family can begin to dream.



From 5299 $ per person
From 5469 $ per person
From 6699 $ per person
From 6399 $ per person
From 5319 $ per person
From 5099 $ per person

10 days

LAND & SEA! Private Sailing Charter in the Society Islands with Resort Stays

Bora Bora,Huahine,Moorea,Raiatea,Tahaa,Tahiti

From 7049 $ per person
From 4559 $ per person
From 3729 $ per person
From 3594 $ per person
From 3899 $ per person

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