If you visit Rurutu, be prepared to be surprised! The surprises begin with the invigorating climate, which is the reason why Rurutu is perfect for growing fruit and vegetables. Then there is the geology of the island, dotted with caves and cavities. And if you want to see some seashells, then look upwards – they’re embedded in the limestone cliffs. Another, very pleasant surprise, is the skill of the local craftsmen and women, who weave the most magnificent hats and baskets from the leaves of the pandanus tree. A land of surprises, and a land of tradition.

What makes it so special

Why visit Rurutu?

Vue sur l'île de Rurutu ©Michael Runkel

An island like no other

Far from the more popular tourist venues of Bora Bora and Moorea, Rurutu offers a vacation with a difference. Caves, whales, craftwork, a rich history and a natural environment that is both generous and surprising.

Rurutu is unlike any other island in the Austral Islands, or in the whole of French Polynesia for that matter! If you’re looking for somewhere ‘far from the madding crowds’, then Rurutu is the ideal destination for you. 

There are no luxury hotels on Rurutu, but there are many small and charming Tahitian Guesthouses where you stay in the company of local inhabitants. It’s the perfect way to experience the authentic, Tahitian way of life.

Cave of the Monster or Ana Taupe'e ©_Massimiliano Cinà

Visit the caves

One of your hosts will certainly be delighted to take you to visit some of the local caves, such as ‘Ana Taupe’e (the monster’s mouth). Rurutu has a small lagoon, but the beaches are superb for lazing in the afternoon sun.

However, the water can be a little crisp, and air temperatures range from 20 to 15°C between June and October!

Exploring the Caves in Rurutu

« A visit to Rurutu is not easily forgotten »

Swimming in Rurutu’s marine biodiversity


Not to be missed

Swimming with whales

A 1h30 flight from Tahiti takes you to a different world, where whales visit from July to November to nurture their young.

You can even observe them from one of the promontories just outside the village of Moerai, in the north of the island. Another captivating view is of the village and bay of Avera, from a platform at the foot of Mount Matotea.

Swimming with Whales in The Islands of Tahiti
Observez une baleine dans les eaux polynésiennes© Grégory Lecoeur
Queue du baleine © Grégory Lecoeur
Falaise et mer à Rurutu c Tahiti Tourisme

Suggested itinerary

Four days in Rurutu

Known as ‘whale island’, Rurutu is located in the north of the Austral Islands. A vacation in Rurutu is a break from the hustle and bustle of everday life. An oasis of tranquility in unspoiled surroundings with an authentic island population. Limestone caves, taro fields, spectacular scenery and much else await you on our four day itinerary.


Be inspired


Take advantage of Rurutu’s pure, fresh air. Go walking, biking, horseback riding and spend time at sea. Observe the whales and the unique birdlife, visit the caves, relax on the soft, white sandy beach at Vitaria. Spend a morning with a group of local ladies who’ll teach you how to weave a basket out of pandanus leaves. Make the most of your stay among the friendly people of Rurutu.

More experiences
More experiences

Vacation packages for Rurutu

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Observing the whales in the cooler season, or hiking during the warmer season? Take a look at the vacation possibilities in Rurutu.

All the vacation packages
All the vacation packages

Staying in Rurutu

There are no luxury hotels in Rurutu. The island prefers the authenticity of small, family-run Tahitian Guesthouses. You’re sure of a warm welcome and traditional Polynesian hospitality and you’ll enjoy the immersion in the everyday life and culture of the local population.

Getting there and getting around

Air Tahiti flies to Rurutu at least 4 times per week, and more often during the peak season and when the island’s children return from Tahiti for the school holidays. Try to get a seat on the left of the plane, because you’ll get a superb view of the island as you come in to land. The airport is in the north of Rurutu and quite far from the villages, so ensure that your accommodations knows the time of your arrival, so that they can collect you. You can rent a car to get around during your stay. However, if you’d like to try something more authentic, take a tour of the island on horseback.

Air Tahiti serving The Islands of Tahiti © Tahiti Tourisme
Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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