Rich in culture and traditions, The Islands of Tahiti isn’t a place you just visit, it’s a place you feel part of. The Mana is there, in, each one of its 118 islands. There are many events and festivals for you to attend and gain a better understanding of our cultural heritage.

The heart of Mana

Culture, art and cinema

Ori Tahiti show at Heiva I Tahiti © KMH Media Production

The Heiva i Tahiti

The Heiva i Tahiti is the most beautiful expression of Polynesian culture. It’s a moment for an entire people to gather together to celebrate a common ancestral culture that is still very much a part of their everyday lives.

Following months of research, costume-making and rehearsals, each dance troupe presents their ‘aparima (traditional dances) that portrays a legend from their own island or district. The dances are a monumental ballet of mouvements and steps that have been transmitted down through the ages from father to son and mother to daughter.

The rhythm of the accompanying to’ere (wooden drum) is the heartbeat of our ancestors, helping to keep their memory alive and binding us to them. This heartbeat is the Mana.

Festival International du Film documentaire océanien © FIFO

International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO)

The FIFO is an important festival for documentary films in Oceania. It highlights the problems, concerns and sentiments of the inhabitants of the Pacific Ocean.

It is a unique occasion for media and audiovisual professionals in the Pacific to promote themselves. FIFO also provides the opportunity to meet the directors and producers of the films selected, and to attend conferences, workshops and other audiovisual events.

The festival celebrated 20 years in 2023 and continues to showcase the concerns and challenges facing the region of Oceania.

Surfer la vague de Teahupoo©_Steve Dickinson

Olympic Games 2024

Paris 2024 surfing competitions

Paris 2024 will be a unique celebration of of the spirit of the Olympic mouvement. Four sports will make their appearance in the Games for the first time, and one of these is surfing.

As part of a committment to include every corner of French territory in this magnificent sporting festival, the site chosen for the surfing competition is Teahupo’o. It is the first time that a French Overseas Territory will participate in the Olympic Games directly.

Teahupo’o 2024 is not just an opportunity to stage a surfing competition, it is also the chance to promote the beauty and authenticity of The Islands of Tahiti to a global TV audience.


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Les incontournables

Hawaiki Nui Va’a

Hawaiki Nui Va’a is one of the most impressive and popular sporting events in the South Pacific. It is the biggest outrigger canoes race in The Islands of Tahiti.

Six-man outrigger canoes race across the open ocean from Huahine to Raiatea, Taha’a and finally to Bora Bora. Over 100 canoes participate in this 80 mile, three-day course, with literally hundreds of boats of all types and sizes following them in support.

The arrival on the glorious Matira Beach in Bora Bora is one of the world’s most spectacular sporting moments.

hawaiki nui vaa © Steve Dickinson

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Xterra Triathlons

The Xterra Tahiti groups together three different sporting events on different days in Moorea. Running, mountain bike and open water swimming races take place in the magnificent setting of this beautiful South Pacific tropical island.

Xterra Triathlon
XTerra Trail

Be inspired


The Islands of Tahiti is a dream destination where you can choose to do as little or as much as you like. Discover the flavors, scents and scenery of our islands and feel the Mana that is present everywhere.

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All experiences

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Heiva i Tahiti

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Holopuni Va’a Hawaiki Nui Voyage

Trophy Table Art

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