The most beautiful sites in the Gambier Islands

At more than 1,600 kilometers from Tahiti, the Gambier Islands are a unique destination in The Islands of Tahiti. Far off the beaten track, these volcanic islands all share the same magnificent lagoon. Idyllic motu and some of the most beautiful churches in French Polynesia are just some of the sites to see.

An Unforgettable Voyage to the Gambier Islands

Welcome to the Gambier Islands. Situated to the southwest of Tahiti, this archipelago consists of five islands and a dozen motu, all sharing the same magnificent lagoon. A 3hour, 40 minute flight from Papeete takes you to this preserved island paradise of white sandy beaches and lush green mountains. The richness of the Gambier Islands…

Cultural Traditions of the Gambier Islands

Nestled together in an isolated lagoon, the Gambier Islands have a very unique charm. Far off the beaten tourist track, a vacation in the Gambier Islands is an authentic voyage to the heart of Polynesian culture, where ancestral traditions are preserved with pride. With their rich and thriving ancestral culture, the Gambier Islands are an…

Visit Saint Michel Cathedral and its Surroundings

On the island of Mangareva in the heart of the Gambier Islands, stands the impressive cathedral of Saint Michel of Rikitea. Visit the interior and admire the mother-of-pearl decoration. The unique architecture of this 19th century religious building displays a different aspect of Polynesian history. The arrival of catholic missionaries in Mangareva had an immense…

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