Historic site and monument
at Paea

Ta'ata Marae

Come and rediscover the pride represented by the Marae Taata, whose stones are imbued with the strength and soul of our ancestors! Come and find our history!
Marae Taata at PK 19 in Paea is one of the biggest marae still visible on the island of Tahiti. The architecture of this royal marae is unique in that it unites three marae, each of which was built in a different fashion for three different chiefs: Pouira o Tevahitua i Patea, Tetooha o Taura atua i Patea, and Punuaaitua. The proof of the royal status of these cheifs was evident from the cut stone and the human bones that were found here. It was obviously the scene of important sacred ceremonies because human sacrifices were carried out. It is also cited in the oral histories that Ari'i Maro'Ura was enthroned here under the reign of Pomare 1st.

The stones of the first marae were laid in such a way that they fitted together. The stones of the second were cut, placed and aligned in rows to give an impression of grandeur, which is chracteristic of the period of the god Oro.
The stones of the third marae were set in an irregular pattern to accentuate the power of one of the greatest coalitions of the island’s clans, the «Te ’Oropa’a» which reigned over the west coast during the18th century.

The monument had to be restored because it had been allowed to fall into disrepair.
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  • Ruins and remains
  • Archeological site

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Horaires d'ouverture du 01 January au 31 December 2024



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98711 Paea
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