at Hitia'a O Te Ra

Vallée De La Fara'Ura

One of the most beautiful hikes in the Tahiti valley.
The valley of the Fara'ura is at PK 37.5 in the municipality of Hitia'a. It is considered one of the loveliest hiking trails in Tahiti.
The trail starts at the estuary of the river Mahateaho, which runs down the valley. To begin with you have to cross through cultivated fields before plunging into the luxuriant undergrowth. Once you get to the river, you follow the trail to the rock of Queen Teura, the guardian of the valley. You continue until you reach the Tapatea waterfall where the more courageous can take a 6 meter jump between the walls of the canyon. From then onwards, the trail becomes increasingly challenging. To reach a second basin, you have to go round the first waterfall and then you arrive at a vast pool of water into which severaldifferent waterfalls pour. You continue the trail, admiring the magnificent scenery and breathtaking views. In several places you have to climb with the aid of a rope, but the effort is worthwhile, as you’ll discover when you reach the scenic viewpoint: a spectacular view over two “twin” waterfalls 60 meters high, with another waterfall of 180 meters just behind them. After resting to admire the view, you continue the trail which takes you above the twin waterfalls. It is better to follow this trail with a professional guide, so that you find your way more easily.
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Precise location

  • Riverside
  • Mountain view
  • Lake 5 km away
  • Waterside


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