In The Islands of Tahiti there is a vast choice of things to do and see. And one of the most beautiful sites on the island of Moorea is the Opunohu Valley. Here is a suggestion for an excursion to explore the valley and admire the lush vegetation, starting from the beautiful turquoise waters in the bay of the lagoon.

To get to Moorea, you can either fly with Air Tahiti, which takes about 15 minutes, or take one of the regular ferries, which make the crossing in about 30 minutes 8 times each day. There is a large selection of accommodations in Moorea, from hotels to Tahitian Guesthouses and vacation rentals. Once you’ve arrived, there are numerous activities to fill your days, such as hiking in the Opunohu Valley, swimming and snorkeling in the bay, exploring the lagoon by jetski, waterski, paddleboard, kayak… After Moorea, why not continue your visit to some of the other Society Islands: Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha’a?

An eco-active visit to Te Fare Natura

Located in the Opunohu Bay, the ecomuseum is interesting and amusing for visitors of all ages. Discover the riches of The Islands of Tahiti in its different displays and interactive exhibits. You can even contribute to the preservation of the environment by hiking a short trail and helping to weed out any invasive species such as miconia. The eco-museum also has a hiking trail which leads to a marae and a superb scenic viewpoint.

Continue your visit by going to the Agricultural College of Opunohu. Since 1970, students follow courses in environmental studies (agronomy, ecology, land management), agricullture and business. The college also has a working farm where students can gain practical experience in the cultivation, transformation and commercialization of produce. There is a small sales shop where you can purchase some of the jams, fruit juices, milk shakes etc. produced by the students.

In the heart of the valley of Opunohu

There are several different sites to visit and a choice of ways to visit them: discover the valley on horseback with Opunohu Valley Ranch; see it from the air at the Tiki Parc Moorea treetop adventure park; take a gentle hike through the pineapple plantations (no, they don’t grow on trees!) and if your legs are feeling weary, you can rent an e-bike and explore the valley the easy way. Whichever method you choose, don’t miss a visit to the scenic Belvedere viewpoint from where you can appreciate just how beautiful Opunohu Valley really is.

Cycling through pineapple fields©Grégoire Le Bacon
Cycling through pineapple fields©Grégoire Le Bacon

After visiting the valley, go down into the bay to the pristine beach and lagoon. It is an idyllic setting that has featured in several films, such as The Bounty in 1984.

You can take a boat trip, go scuba diving or canoeing, or spend the afternoon snorkeling and swimming in the warm, clear water and sunbathing on the soft white sandy beach. Then you can finish your day in Opunohu Valley at a seafood restaurant, with a delicious evening meal of freshly-caught fish.

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