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Pension Mana Tupuna Village

This guesthouse is a Taiaapu family story. In 1993, Toa decided to create the first guesthouse on Ua Huka, believing in the tourism potential of his island, and loving to share his story with all his guests.
This guesthouse is a family story, that of the Taiaapu. In 1993, Toa decided to create the first boarding house on Ua Huka. He believed in the tourism potential of his island and loved sharing his story with all his guests. "Mana Tupuna" means "the power of our ancestors" because Marquesans are very attached to their culture and often call upon their ancestors to lead them on the right path. Today it is Arii, the son who takes care of the family business.
The guesthouse is located 4 kilometers from the airport, on a mountainside overlooking the beautiful Vaipaee Valley, where the main village of the island is located.
A warm welcome awaits you at Mana Tupuna Village, which has three bungalows that sleep two to four people, and a family bungalow with a mezzanine that sleeps up to seven.
These “ha’e” are purely Polynesian in style, in total harmony with the surrounding nature. Inside these “ha’e” you will be seduced by the noble materials used: bamboo, Ua Huka coconut palm in the form of sculpted poles, giving an exotic atmosphere, combined with great comfort (hot water and covered terrace).
In the restaurant – where you will be welcomed for breakfast and dinner with typical Marquesan conviviality – you will be able to see the goats grazing and the horses galloping on the opposite sides of the mountain. At dinner, you will enjoy good food prepared by Arii himself, using local products.
The Mana Tupuna village guesthouse is the starting point for various activities, both on land and at sea!
It is with pleasure that we will welcome you in our house. We will be delighted to have you as part of our Marquesan family for a while!

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MANA TUPUNA VILLAGE, Ua Huka, Polynésie française
98744 Ua Huka
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