The Heiva i Tahiti is the most popular and important event in the cultural calendar of The Islands of Tahiti. A colorful celebration of traditional chants, music and dancing, in a competition which brings together dance troupes from every corner of French Polynesia. The evening performances are a rapturous explosion of color and movement.

Passage en grand costume lors du Heiva i Tahiti © Dimitri Nguyen Verdenet

Enjoy the magic of the Heiva i Tahiti and immerse yourself in Polynesian culture

The Heiva i Tahiti is a celebration of Polynesian culture, featuring the music, dancing and artistic traditions which have made the reputation of The Islands of Tahiti. During several weeks, the competing dance troupes display their artistic skills in dancing and singing competitions, a truly captivating and memorable occasion for the privileged spectators.

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Organizer : Maison de la Culture – Te Fare Tauhiti Nui Lieu : Tahiti – Pape’ete

Email : [email protected]

Phone: (689)

Website:| Heiva i Tahiti official website

Facebook : Maison de la Culture de Tahiti

Costume végétale lors d'un Heiva i Tahiti ©Lucien Pesquié
Groupe de chant traditionnel lors d'un Heiva i Tahiti ©Lucien Pesquié

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