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Mata'i Coffee Tahiti

Mata'i Coffee Tahiti is not just about coffee!
Mata’i Coffee Tahiti, it’s not only a coffee story !
Two crazy dreamers, a disquaire and asommelier, willing to share their love ofsensorial emotions, both eager to offer quality coffee by favoring shortcircuits…and the adventure began !
At the head of the only vinyl store in the region, they want to combine musicand coffee in a unique store located 23 rue Albert Leboucher in Papeete. Andthat’s how the first audiophile café on the island was born ! A vintage andtrendy atmosphere, focusing on simple lifestyles and pleasures!
Mata’i Coffee, like a new wind on coffee tasting in Tahiti, born from theimpulse of Al and Terai.
Also working with local authorities to revitalize the local coffee plantations,they select and offer coffees of excellence, which they roast, blend and preparelocally, in beans or grinded on demand. Because coffee becomes an art with them,an art of taste and a different way of living, the one that leads us to consumeless but better.


23 Rue Albert Leboucher, Papeete, Polynésie française
98714 Papeete
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