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Club "Te Fetia O Te Mau Mato"

The Association is affiliated to the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre and is open to anyone aged 7 and over.
The Association ” Club Te Fetia O Te Mau Mato ” founded in Papeete, has for object

– the practice of hiking of all lengths and on all terrains in Polynesia and abroad
– the opening, development, maintenance and marking of hiking routes
– to contribute to the protection and development of the environment
– the possible participation in any training related to the safety of hiking and the respect of the environment

The Association is affiliated with the French Federation of Hiking (FFRP) and is open to all persons aged 7 years and over.
Registrations start in September, and a meeting is held every Thursday evening at 5:30 pm in a hotel in Pirae until the end of October, in order to welcome the members (new and old). Afterwards, registration is possible by mail or by post.
To register, you must pay a fee of 8,000 F for an individual or 11,000 F for a family. An individual or family membership form to be filled out. A medical certificate per person for the practice of hiking less than one year old is mandatory for the first membership, its validity is 3 years.
A FFRP license will be given to you, it is valid until August of the following year, the insurance coverage ends 4 months later, in December,
A hiking program is established for a period of 4 months, in December, April and August, it is sent by e-mail to all our members.
The hikes generally take place on weekends and holidays, sometimes on weekdays depending on the availability of our volunteer leaders.
The levels of difficulty are indicated by the number of stars (*) (easy :* to very difficult :***** .
A minimum of safety equipment per person is required for each hike (survival blanket, carabiner, strap, lamp).
For any additional information : send your emails to :[email protected]


Club "te fetia o te mau mato"
98714 Papeete
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