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Taapuna SandBar Resort


Come and recharge your batteries in a unique setting aboard the ship Vaimareva, for an unforgettable moment. This outing is yours!
Guided by our passionate and experienced captain, you'll have access to exceptional places that characterize authentic Polynesian charm. You'll visit Tahiti's lagoon, overlooked by its soothing mountains and valleys. Local flora and fauna will be close at hand.

Located in Punaauia, the ship can accommodate up to 12 people every day from Monday to Sunday.

In addition to the sites on offer, don’t hesitate to ask the captain for a tailor-made getaway.

The Vaimareva is a one-of-a-kind catamaran, equipped with an onboard bar for exceptional nautical experiences. Designed with an elegant hull for smooth, stable sailing. This atypical vessel offers the perfect combination of luxurious comfort and unforgettable entertainment. Ideal for professionals or pleasure sailors, it can accommodate up to 12 passengers + 2 crew members.

Day trip 8am-4pm, maximum 12 people, 88,000 xpf

Half-day trip 8h-11h30 / 12h30-16h, 12 people maximum, 55,000 xpf

Sunset excursion 5pm-7.30pm, 12 people maximum, 55,000 xpf

Evening outing 8.30pm-midnight, 12 people maximum, 65,000 xpf

Shared half-day outing 8am-11.30am / 12.30pm-4pm, 10 people maximum, 15,000 xpf / person

Optional catering services.
We speak : French


3 pontons, Punaauia
98718 Punaauia
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