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Tahiti Yachts Base

"The islands were created to provide a place for yachts to visit." Brooks Atkinson (adapted)
Islands were created to provide a place for Yachts to visit.”
 Brooks Atkinson (adapted version)
Tahiti Yacht Base Management has been in the marine world of Tahiti and its islands since they could walk.
Through this experience, we have severely selected the best boats among certified companies, our Master Guides are matching with the highest expectations.
Our Selection of Experiences will provide once in a life adventures.
Today the Super Yacht Industry development is happening across the globe, nowhere more telling than across Tahiti and her Islands (French Polynesia).
Tahiti Yachts Base has created a network of ultra-chic services in each of our five beautiful Archipelagos, and holds the key to growing the Superyacht market in THE terrestrial version of Paradise Islands.
Our Charters are “Haute Couture” designed.


Tahiti Yachts Base
Marina Taina, Puna’auia, Polynésie française
98718 Punaauia
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