The Islands of Tahiti are an alluring and welcoming destination for LGBTQI+ travelers. Throughout all 118 islands located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti offer a rich cultural history that embraces diversity and inclusivity for all visitors seeking an unforgettable travel experience.

The Treasured Test

Sébastien & Diego

Sébastien and Diego have been a couple for 15 years and live together in Paris. They like to travel to quiet places in the middle of nature where they can discover the local culture. They wanted to visit The Islands of Tahiti to see if it was the tropical paradise they had imagined. They were also intrigued by the idea of māhū and raerae in Tahitian culture. It was a life-changing vacation experience.

Jess & Jen

Jess and Jen are a married couple from Syracuse, New York, USA. They are both tattoo artists and together own a tattoo shop. They enjoy vacations where they can both relax and have adventures. They were eager to discover the LGBTQI+ culture of The Islands of Tahiti. Jen got a traditional tattoo of a manta ray she saw, a memory that will stay with her forever.

Yuma & Mizuki

Yuma and Mizuki are friends from Tokyo, Japan. Both trans men, they enjoy traveling to LGBTQI+ destinations and wanted to experience the culture and open-mindedness of Tahitians. Like many trans people, they thought about how the locals might react to them and didn’t feel comfortable swimming in a swimsuit. Upon arrival, they were delighted to be welcomed everywhere and spent hours snorkeling and canoeing without worrying about how others would look at them.

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A welcoming destination

Marriage Equality was first legalized and implemented in 2013. Marriage equality was a significant milestone as The Islands of Tahiti were one of the first destinations in the South Pacific region to legalize marriage equality. The bill helped further cultivate the values of inclusion and extended them with a positive and accepting attitude towards the LGBTQI+ community. LGBTQI+ couples enjoy the same legal rights and protections as any other couple, including access to benefits, protection against discrimination, and legal adoption of children.

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Gender Diversity

In Polynesian tradition, in addition to masculine and feminine, a third gender is recognized: these individuals are known as “māhū“. This term refers to individuals who embody both masculine and feminine qualities, blurring the boundaries between traditional gender roles. Another term related to a different gender identity in Polynesian culture is the individual referred to as “raerae“: a person assigned male at birth who identifies as a woman. In Western cultures, these individuals may be referred to as transgender women. The presence of “raerae” and “māhū” in Polynesian society underscores the importance of acceptance and understanding of others, values deeply rooted in the local culture

In The Islands of Tahiti

LGBTQI+ Honeymoon

With strict laws to protect equal rights in every aspect of life, including marriage, French Polynesia is a safe and welcoming place for everybody. We’d love you to celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, or just the anniversary of your first date, in our islands.



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Experience the Mana, the mythical Polynesian force that animates every element. Let yourself be carried away by adventures, enriching encounters, and unforgettable discoveries through a wide range of experiences, each richer than the last

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