The Islands of Tahiti is a wonderful, LGBTQ+ friendly destination. With strict laws to protect equal rights in every aspect of life, including marriage, French Polynesia is a safe and welcoming place for everybody. We’d love you to celebrate your wedding, honeymoon, or just the anniversary of your first date, in our islands.

As well as guaranteeing the right of same sex marriage, French Polynesia has strict laws to protect equal rights for LGBTQ+ in matters of adoption, gender-affirming surgery, military service and all other aspects of daily life. The Islands of Tahiti is also the ideal destination for an LGBTQ+ honeymoon, as it is synonymous with romance and rich culture. You can choose from many resorts for your LGBTQ+ honeymoon in French Polynesia, whether you choose a five-star hotel or an authentic Tahitian Guesthouse run by a local family, The Islands of Tahiti is the perfect setting for a romantic trip. On our islands, you can enjoy exceptional gastronomy and outings with your loved one: scuba diving, boat cruise, romantic dinner, massage in a luxury spa… Get pampered in The Islands of Tahiti for your LGBTQ+ honeymoon

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The Islands of Tahiti is a very safe destination for tourists, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. A warm and friendly welcome is extended to everybody, irrespective of religion, race, color or sexual orientation. South Sea islanders are renowned for their laid back, open-minded attitude, and all visitors appreciate the contacts they have with the local population. From the moment you arrive, to be greeted with a garland of tiare tahiti flowers, to the day you depart, with a souvenir garland of seashells, you’ll feel at home and at peace in our islands.

There are no particular ‘gay’ resorts in The Islands of Tahiti; everbody is welcome everywhere. The only exceptions are the ‘Gay & Lesbian Cruises’ operated by the company Windstar. These cruises are exceptionally festive occasions and are highly praised on the company’s website. The ships have all the comforts you would expect from a top class cruise company. The 8 night program includes stops at the Society Islands of Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha’a, where you can go ashore and enjoy cultural and sporting activities. The cruise sails from Papeete in Tahiti.

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Your honeymoon will give you a taste of the enviable lifestyle of the Polynesian people. You’ll enjoy the unique local cuisine, based on tropical fruit, fresh fish and local produce, with a touch of French gastronomy and Chinese cooking. Visits to archeological sites, will help you understand the ancestral culture that binds the islanders together. And hiking in the lush green interior or enjoying the splendour of the turquoise lagoons, will show you why Polynesians feel so privileged to live in The Islands of Tahiti.

The natural beauty of French Polynesia, a choice of superb accommodations, and a safe and welcoming environment, make The Islands of Tahiti one of the world’s top destinations for an LGBTQ+ vacation.

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