A Cruise on the M/S Paul Gauguin

A cruise on the M/S Paul Gauguin is a very special experience, and an ideal way to discover The Islands of Tahiti. Offering a first-class cruise in the waters of French Polynesia, the M/S Paul Gauguin takes you to the Tuamotu Islands, Marquesas Islands and visits each of the Society Islands. The M/S Paul Gauguin…

Sail Away on a Catamaran

There's nothing quite like cruising from island to island on a sailboat or catamaran in French Polynesia. You can rent a boat to navigate yourself, or reserve an all-inclusive package with skipper and crew, so that you can take things easy and enjoy the scenery. A sailing cruise gives you the time to discover The…

Cruising in The Islands of Tahiti  

Embark on a cruise ship, and sail from island to island in the warm blue waters of French Polynesia. Visit some charming, less-frequented ports of call, as well as many of the more famous islands, such as Bora Bora and Moorea. Every morning you'll be waking up in a different island paradise, and evey day…

Eight Ways to Cruise in The Islands of Tahiti  

A cruise is an excellent way to discover The Islands of Tahiti and enjoy the magnificent scenery. Here are some suggestions of things you should try to do during your cruise vacation.

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