Embark on a cruise ship, and sail from island to island in the warm blue waters of French Polynesia. Visit some charming, less-frequented ports of call, as well as many of the more famous islands, such as Bora Bora and Moorea. Every morning you’ll be waking up in a different island paradise, and evey day will be another unforgettable experience.

An island hopping cruise is a marvelous way to explore The Islands of Tahiti. You sail into the turquoise waters of a lagoon, before going ashore to discover the archeological and geographic wonders and enjoying the different excursions and nautical activities proposed by the local population. Then as night falls, you weigh anchor and set sail for the next island paradise. Cruise companies in Tahiti offer a choice of itineraries, all of which sail out of Papeete. The Aranui and the Paul Gauguin are two exceptional cruise ships operating in the waters of French Polynesia. The Aranui is a cargo ferry which serves the mystical Marquesas Islands, taking passengers and freight to the ‘Land of Men’. It offers a unique insight into life on these remote, isolated islands. The Paul Gauguin has a seven night, luxury cruise to the Society Islands, and a fourteen night cruise that also includes the Marquesas and Tuamotu Islands.

Unique and authentic cruises

Embarking on the Aranui is the beginning of an adventure that will take you far off the beaten track. This cargo ferry will take you to some of the most remote islands in the ‘Land of Men’, as the Marquesas Islands are known. The ship is a lifeline that connects the islanders to the outside world, delivering every type of merchandise you can imagine. The atmosphere on board is warm and friendly, with a mostly Marquesan crew. The panorama from the top deck is simply magnificent, especially when the Marquesas Islands first come into view.

The Paul Gauguin is a cruise ship that belongs to the Ponant cruise company. The ship was specially designed for navigating in the waters of French Polynesia, and its shallow draught gives it access to lagoons in The Islands of Tahiti that are inaccessible for most of the bigger cruise ships. The truly luxurious interior decoration is matched by the first class service from the mainly Polynesian crew. The Paul Gauguin has 165 cabins, including a number of sumptuous suites and luxury suites. The Aranui has 103 cabins. There are several other cruise companies that have recently added The Islands of Tahiti to their schedules, notably the Windstar, Oceania Cruises and Variety Cruises. All of these cruise ships sail out of Papeete.

A floating vacation in French Polynesia

Sailing through the waters of French Polynesia on a cruise ship, sailboat or catamaran, is a truly authentic way to discover The Islands of Tahiti. It is exactly how the first Polynesians explored them, navigating from one island to the next, about two thousand years ago.

If you aren’t on a cruise vacation, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the beautiful lagoons of The Islands of Tahiti. You can take a boat excursion and visit some of the motu; go sailing on a traditional outrigger sailing canoe; rent a small catamaran or sailboat; paddle across the lagoon on a kayak or a paddleboard. And of course, you can always enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the beautiful warm, turquoise water.

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