Visitors looking for calm and authenticity will appreciate the accommodations offered by the Tahitian Guesthouses in Maupiti. It is the only form of accommodations on the island. Explorers will enjoy the Vai’ea caves and motu Pae’ao where there is one of the most ancientan archeological sites in French Polynesia that dates from the 9th century.

Maupiti is in the Society Islands, just 40 km from the modern luxury of Bora Bora. Yet this tiny community seems a world away from its illustrious neighbor. The warm, friendly atmosphere, the tranquility and natural, unspoiled beauty of the island are like the Tahiti of old, the one that the first Europeans were privileged to find.

Day 1

The Village of Vai’ea

Countless birds nest in the cracks and cavities of the cliffs and provide an animated backdrop to the village of Vai’ea. Heading north, you come to the valley of Hiranai with its stone monuments including a phallic tiki and petroglyphs of sea turtles. A little further, in the valley of Vaitia, and enormous flat stone represents the legendary canoe of the warrior Hiro.

Take a boat excursion with a guide. The Hotu cliffs tower over the the village of Vai’ea at a height of 820 feet. The trail to the top goes through woods of mape trees (Tahitian chestnut), mango trees and hibiscus shrubs. The views on the way up are superb over the motu and the turquoise lagoon. From the summit you have spectacular views over the Pacific Ocean and the neighboring peaks of Teurafaatui and Nuupere which are 1,213 feet high.

Day 2

An excursion on the lagoon

An excursion to some of Maupiti’s motu on the turquoise waters of the lagoon, with the opportunity to observe manta and spotted rays as well as a multitude of colorful tropical fish. There are several pearl farms you can visit during the tour. Opposite the village of Vai’ea there are two motu, Pitiahe and Tiapaa, on either side of the pass, which are well worth a visit.

To the north, between two other motu and close to the Hiro pass and the coral garden, you’ll find motu Pae’ao, which is home to an archeological site dating from the 9th century. It is one of the oldest sites in The Islands of Tahiti. On its left is motu Auira, where melons grow in the shade of big windmills, next to the remains of an ancient marae. A natural ford, known as the baby sharks passage, stretches towards Tereia Point and its sublime sandy beach.

Day 3

Discover the culture

There are many cultural activities on the island which you can ask to participate in: weaving, making garlands of flowers, traditional singing and ‘ori Tahiti dancing.

Visit the island of Maupiti ©_Frédéric Cristol

Tips for your vacation in Maupiti

Superb scenery, a very laid back, South Sea island atmosphere, and the chance to swim with manta rays in a dreamlike lagoon. Before you set off, here is some advice and a few tips to make sure your vacation in Maupiti is everything you dreamed it would be.

Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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