You’ve decided to come to The Islands of Tahiti to make your wedding proposal. You’ve got the ring, and now you’re wondering about the best place to pop the question. Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Tikehau… Some of the most romantic settings in the world are in The Islands of Tahiti. In this guide, we’ll tell you where and how to make your proposal, to make sure it will be an unforgettably romantic moment.

The Islands of Tahiti is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Turquoise and blue lagoons, white (or pink) sandy beaches, lush green valleys and sacred mountains, make it the ideal place to take that first step towards married life. Many visitors have spoken of the emotional effect of their voyage to these islands. That’s part of what we call the Mana, the vital energy and spiritual force that is present everywhere in The Islands of Tahiti. Wherever you decide to make your proposal, your hotel staff, wedding organizers, or even your excursion operators, will be delighted to help make sure that it’s a special moment for you both. Here are some suggestions of places you may want to consider for your marriage proposal.

A romantic dinner
on the beach

There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding proposal during a candlelit dinner on the beach. Your accommodation or wedding organizer will be able to arrange everything. A table at the water’s edge on a white, or pink sandy beach, decorated with tropical flowers and palms, a ukulele orchestra, and of course, a bottle of chilled champagne served just at the right moment. If you wish to immortalize the magic moment, a professional photographer can be present. The event can even be organized as a complete surprise for your partner.

You can also opt for a proposal at sea. Take a private catamaran cruise at sunset, then open the champagne, and pop the question as the sky over the lagoon turns to red and gold. Another way to surprise your partner is to get your hotel to decorate your room or overwater bungalow specially for the occasion. Ask them to leave a bottle of chamagne on ice for when you get back from a day on the lagoon.

Original marriage proposals in
The Islands of Tahiti

If you want something a little more extreme, rent a helicopter for the occasion. A photo of the special moment will be even more exotic with the island of Bora Bora and its magnificent lagoon seen in the background through the helicopter window. or you can even make your proposal in mid-air on a parasailing flight above the lagoon!

Another, fun way to pop the question is during a scuba diving session in The Islands of Tahiti. Dive together in the crystal clear waters , admire the incredible diversity of the marine life, then find the perfect spot among the colorful corals and tropical fish, to make your proposal. A tip: speaking isn’t easy with a mouthpiece, so write your proposal clearly on the back of your hand with a permanent marker before you dive. And wait until you get back to the surface to seal it with a kiss.


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