The Islands of Tahiti is the main center for superyachts in the South Pacific. With 118 islands and atolls, spread over an area the size of Europe, French Polynesia offers countless crusing possibilities for these luxurious floating palaces

The preservation of the ocean has been a priority for the government of French Polynesia for over ten years. It declared The Islands of Tahiti a sanctuary for marine mammals in 2006 and made sharks a protected species in 2006. Fakarava, together with 6 other atolls in the Tuamotu Islands, (Taiaro, Toau, Aratika, Kauehi, Niau and Raraka), was classed as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 2009. The most luxurious way to visit The Islands of Tahiti is on a superyacht. Navigating from one island to the next, stopping to explore the wonderful underwater world in the lagoons and the archeological sites in the mountainous interiors. And then you weigh anchor and set sail for the next port of call. It’s like island hopping in a five star hotel.

An unforgettable cruise

On a luxury superyacht, you can sail right into the lagoons in The Islands of Tahiti through the passes in the coral reef. The Polynesian islanders are friendly, smiling people and are proud to welcome you to their islands. Go snorkeling or diving in the warm, clear seas, savour the delicious local cuisine, have a traditional Tahitian massage in a hotel spa, and enjoy the simple luxury of a picnic at the water’s edge on the soft, white, sandy beach of a deserted motu. If you’re feeling energetic, test yourself at a traditional Polynesian sport during the Tuaro Maohi sports festival.

A cruise on a superyacht in The Islands of Tahiti is a voyage of discovery and exploration in five star luxury. The local charter companies will help you plan your cruise, suggesting the best itineraries and the most beautiful spots for you to visit. The climate and meteorological conditions in French Polynesia make it ideal for navigating by sailboats, catamarans or superyachts, and the captains of all vessels operating in the waters of French Polynesia are all fully qualified and very experienced professionals. With 118 islands and atolls, spread around five atolls in a surface area as big as Europe, The Islands of Tahiti is the perfect destination for a cruise.

The different itineraries

Your captain will help you choose your itinerary and ensure that you visit some of the most beautiful parts of French Polynesia. Each port of call will be a different island paradise. Take advantage of your stay to explore the islands and their magnificent lagoons.

The tourism committees of each island will be able to propose a range of activities. Being on a yacht, you the freedom to roam wherever you want in The Islands of Tahiti. You can explore the five archipelagos of the Society, Tuamotu, Marquesas, Gambier and Austral Islands, meet the local population and enjoy authentic experiences. You’ll also have the chance to encounter some of the most wonderful inhabitants of our waters, the playful dolphins that ensure a moment of pure emotion as you approach the different islands.

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