There’s a vast choice of dive spots in the lagoons, on the reefs and in the passes of The Islands of Tahiti. Whether you’re an accomplished diver or a complete beginner, you’ll be amazed by the quantities of tropical fish and colorful corals, as well as the sheer variety of marine life in the clear warm waters.

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Rangiroa, the number one spot

Dive with the playful dolphins as they amuse themselves in Tiputa pass, or go to Avatoru pass to swim among whitetip sharks and schools of giant jackfish and countless other species.. The Tuamotu Islands are a dream destination for divers, and Rangiroa is home to some of the very best spots in the world!

Diving in Rangiroa

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Fakarava, the kingdom of the sharks

Tetamanu, the southern pass of Fakarava, is home to a unique and incredibly spectactular sight. The gentle current and abundance of fish make it the perfect habitat for sharks of all kinds, and there are so many of them at rest during the daytime, that they ‘stack up’ to form a ‘wall of sharks’. You can safely glide gently past them and into the lagoon, where a magnificent coral garden awaits you.

Diving in Fakarava

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The schools of fish in Tikehau

Jacques Cousteau said that there were more fish in Tikehau than anywhere else in The Islands of Tahiti. Schools of barracuda, jackfish, giant moray eels, manta rays and tropical fish in quite astounding numbers. There is only one pass in Tikehau, Tu Heiva, but it’s truly magnificent. Another site, Aramu rama is perfect for beginners with beautiful multicolored coral and plenty of tropical fish.

Diving in Tikehau

Raies et requins de Moorea © Grégory Lecoeur


Meet the lemon sharks of Moorea

Opunohu pass in Moorea is the perfect spot for anyone in need of an adrenaline rush. The marine life in the pass is abundant and it attracts some of the ocean’s most fearsome creatures, lemon sharks. An encounter with these magnificent specimens leaves nobody unmoved. Fortunately, they have so much food available that you don’t interest them in the slightest.

Diving in Moorea

Plongée Raiatea - Taha'a © Grégoire Le Bacon


The wreck of the Nordby in Raiatea

A 50m three-masted ship, the Nordby sank in the year 1900 and lies in a zone about 30m from the surface, opposite Teavapiti pass. Two of the three masts are still visible. The wreck is home to giant trevally, angelfish and a multitude of other species. For a really thrilling experience, you can go for a night dive at this site.

Diving in Raiatea

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Gliding with manta rays in Maupiti

Manta rays are the big stars of The Islands of Tahiti, especially Maupiti. Swimming among these majestic creatures is a privileged experience. It’s best to dive in the morning when the manta rays are more active. Marvel at their grace and power, but don’t approach too close, just observe them. Eventually they’ll decide to come over and say hello of their own free will.

Diving in Maupiti

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Bora Bora lagoon

The lagoon in Bora Bora is reputed to be the most beautiful in the world. The turquoise water is warm, calm and perfectly clear, a vast natural swimming pool, teeming with marine life. Admire the ballet of manta rays, stingrays and spotted eagle rays, perfectly at home in this beautiful aqauatic wonderland. And keeping them company, you’ll see napoleons, parrotfish, timorous clownfish and a myriad of other species.

Diving in Bora Bora


The coral in Tubuai

The Austral Island of Tubuai is a less well-known diving site, but has superb marine life, especially the displays of colorful coral, which are simply breathtaking. The water is colder than elsewhere in The Islands of Tahiti, so you need a wetsuit at least 5mm thick. From July to November, the visitors to Tubuai include schools of humpback whales.

Diving in Tubuai

Plongée avec une tortue © Greg Lecoeur


Swim with sea turtles in Tahiti

You don’t have to go to the outer islands to enjoy diving in The Islands of Tahiti, because the waters of the capital itself offer a host of possibilities. One of these is the chance to encounter sea turtles. There are several spots in Tahiti that these surprisingly majestic and appealing creatures like to visit, such as La Source and the Plateau aux Tortues.

Diving in Tahiti

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The Land of Men in the Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas Islands are a vast underwater sanctuary and diving in the crystal clear waters is a unique experience. Swimming among the manta rays and hammerhead sharks, and visiting underwater archeological sites with sculpted stones are just part of the unforgettable diving experience in the Land of Men..

Diving in the Marquesas Islands

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The unique beauty of Huahine

Huahine in the Leeward Islands is known as an authentic and unspoiled island, and the waters of its lagoon are no different. Coral reefs, dropoffs, small, underwater caves, sandbanks and passes teeming with life. Just like on the island itself, there’s so much to see beneath the waves in Huahine.

Diving in Huahine

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