Follow our suggested itinerary for a month exploring The Islands of Tahiti.

Weeks 1 & 2

Cruise on the M/S Paul Gauguin

A cruise on the M/S Paul Gauguin
Paul Gauguin dans la Baie d'Opunohu© Stéphane Mailion Photography
Embarquement à bord du navire © Tahiti Tourisme Piscine du bateau © Tahiti Tourisme

Week 3

Rurutu & Tubuai

4 days in Rurutu

Taro field, arts & crafts

  • Catch 1h30 flight to Rurutu from Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport.
  • Check in to Tahitian Guesthouse
  • Four-wheel drive safari tour of the island: visit marae archeological site, taro fields and basket weaving craft workshop
L'art du tressage à Rurutu ©Tahiti Tourisme
Tarodière à Rurutu © Tahiti Tourisme

Whale watching and tours

Observation des baleines à Rurutu © Grégory Lecoeur Grotte Ana A'eo à Rurutu © Tahiti Tourisme

3 days in Tubuai

Hiking and excursion

  • Stay in Tahitian Guesthouse
  • Visit ‘Bloody Bay’ and other cultural sites
  • Diving with Tubuai Plongée: different options available, including whale observation during the mating season
Mont Taitaa à Tubuai © Léa Parizot

Litchi season

  • Hiking to mount Taitaa with guide
  • Day trip to explore the lagoon, with picnic lunch on a motu, snorkeling and giant clam fishing
  • Kitesurfing session on the lagoon
  • Enjoy savouring lychees if it’s December
Litchis sur l'arbre ©_Léa Parizot
Session plongée©_Alexandre Voyer

Week 4

Raivavae, Moorea & Tahiti

3 days in Raivavae

Motu piscine

  • Catch 40 minute flight to Raivavae
  • Accommodations in Tahitian Guesthouse
  • Visit the island by bike
  • Enjoy savouring delicious lychees if it’s December
  • Boat trip to motu Vaiamanu, known as ‘swimming pool motu
  • Hike with guide to the top of mount Hiro
  • Catch 1h50 flight to Tahiti
  • Check in to hotel
Visiter l'île à vélo © Grégoire Le Bacon
Motu piscine à Raivavae © Grégoire Le Bacon Gravir le mont Hiro © Frédéric Cristol

2 days in Moorea


  • Catch rapid ferry to Moorea from ‘Gare maritime’ in Papeete. 25 minute crossing
  • Four-wheel drive safari tour of the island
  • Excursion on traditional twin-hulled sailing canoe with halts at main tourist sites
  • Explore the valley of Opunohu on an ebike
Pirogue double à voile © Stéphane Mailion Photography
Balade en vélo électrique dans les champs d'ananas de Moorea © Grégoire Le Bacon

3 days in Tahiti

Relax and shopping

Stands de souvenirs ©_Tahiti Tourisme
Dîner aux roulottes © Grégoire Le Bacon
Vue aérienne sur l'atoll de Tetiaroa © Tahiti Tourisme

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